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CIRAD, French Research Center for Agriculture and Development

CIRAD, French Research Center for Agriculture and Development

Published on December 14, 2011
CIRAD is a French research center working with developing countries to address international agricultural and development challenges.
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Agriculture is one of the key factors in the successful development of countries in the South. CIRAD fulfills its mandate of targeted research by using its expertise to work towards a specific objective: imagining agriculture capable of feeding eight billion human beings by 2030, an agriculture that is fair and preserves the health and the environment of all. CIRAD works with developing countries to generate and pass on new knowledge, support agricultural development and fuel the debate on the main global issues concerning agriculture. CIRAD is also a major player in talks between Europe and the South. It belongs to numerous European and international networks, and facilitates access for its partners in the "global south" to EU programs and to the excellence of European research.

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by Neil Palmer (CIAT). CIRAD’s C├ęcile Grenier and CIAT’s Jaime Borrero assess biofortified rice near Caranavi, Bolivia

In response to the economic, social and environmental changes resulting from globalization, CIRAD has renewed its scientific strategy, which now focuses on six priorities of research organized around three scientific departments: Biological Systems (BIOS), Performance of Tropical Production and Processing Systems (PERSYST), and Environment and Societies (ES):

  • Helping to develop ecologically intensive agriculture
  • Studying how to ensure that the development of bioenergy benefits people in developing countries
  • Innovating to make food accessible, diverse and safe
  • Foreseeing and managing the infectious disease risks linked to wild and domestic animals
  • Supporting public policies aimed at reducing structural inequality and poverty
  • Understanding the relations between agriculture and the environment and between human communities and nature better so as to manage tropical rural areas sustainably.

Research in partnership is CIRAD’s fundamental working principle and the keystone of its operations. The fact that it has researchers worldwide has shaped its identity and helped it to build specialized, dynamic skills centers. CIRAD has a global network of partners and of twelve regional offices, from which it conducts joint operations with more than 90 countries. Its bilateral partnerships fit in with multilateral operations of regional interest.

A total of 1,800 employees work for CIRAD including 800 researchers in 37 research units in joint operations with more than 90 countries. CIRAD provides around 30 collective research tools accessible to partners from developing countries!

To learn more : http://www.cirad.fr/en

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